Carrer De Sa Comèdia

"My affection for theater is subjective, emotional. I seek to create a world, an environment, but above all things, rescue a living fact that will cause so much interest at some point. I will try through the characters to create emotion, charm and the details that popular theater used beyond the rigidity of history."
- Gabriel Rosas director -
La Resistencia Teatre - Carrer de Sa Comèdia
Buried under the Teatro Principal, among the remains of the old comedy corral, a handful of actors and actresses, are subjected to the eternity of the times of repetition. Are ghosts of Carrer de Sa Comèdia who seek the splendor of the lost port. Disoriented by a tangle of disjointed data and memories, they continue their activity at the shadow, waiting for the footlight to bring them back into the light.
carrer de sa comedia cartel

Technical Sheet

Interpreters: Adriana Aguilar Santolaya, Xevi Cor, Camila Grigera, Endika Izquierdo, Iñaki Jovellar Mañas, Daniel Martínez García, Ángela Tortajada.
Interpreters: 7
Genre: New dramaturgies
Creation: Gabriel Rosas and La Resistencia
Direction and Dramaturgy: Gabriel Rosas
Assistant Directors: Magdalena Bozzani
Production and distribution: La Resistencia
Co-production and Costumes: Orfeó Maonès
Collaborators: Ajuntament de Maó, Teatre Principal de Maó, Consell Insullar de Menorca and Ajuntament de Sant Lluis.
Costume adaptation: Marcela Montserrat Bosch y María del Mar Mañas Molina
Set production: Fabrice Mennel y Pere Josep Llopart Lluch
Lighting design: Andrés Bley
Photography: Geometry Love
Room spotlight equipment: (on request)


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