El Descubrimiento & Cheinstein

After receiving a “Royal” call, Cheinstein and Hitplin embark on a sea voyage to a new world. The Captain, faithful to divine communication, leads the ship through seas of madness and mysterious apparitions. Cheinstein, obedient to his position, carries out as best he can the crazy ideas of his superior, so as not to reveal his greatest secret. Sometimes the roles can be very clear, but on such a long journey things could change… or not.

La Resistencia Teatre - El Descubrimiento & Cheinstein

Technical Sheet

Interpreters: Camila Grigera, Endika Izquierdo.
Nº Interpreters: 2
Genre: Clown Theater
Duration: 50 minutes
Creation and Dramaturgy: Endika Izquierdo, Camila Grigera and Gabriel Rosas
Direction: Gabriel Rosas
Production and distribution: The Resistance
Co-production: NoSom3
Costumes: Orfeó Maonès
Scenography and direction: Silvia Vivó and Fabrice Mennel
Photography: Josep Gayon and Candela Arévalo
Lighting Design: Soledad Ianni
Stage: 5X5 m
Spotlight equipment: (on request)
Street: Good visibility and floor suitable for mobility.
Audience: Suitable for all ages from 7 years.