La Resistencia de lxs Invisibles - La Resistencia Teatre

A theatrical work created during lockdown that emerges from the need of a transdisciplinary company in search of their identity and the historical moment they live. Nine performers on stage act as a collective body, evoking local stories and global issues, accompanied by piano music, choreography and singing.

A clown-play for all audiences. With a ladder, a rope, a conch shell, a flag and an overflowing imagination, the play tells the story of these characters on a delirious and absurd journey towards “the new world.” Two strangers who, in the end, inevitably, must discover each other… or not.

“My affection for theater is subjective, emotional. I seek to create a world, an environment, but above all, to rescue a living fact that will cause so much interest at some point. I will try through the characters to create the emotion, the charm and the details that popular theater used beyond the rigidity of the story. “

Gabriel Rosas – Director