La Resistencia De Lxs Invisibles

A theatrical play created during confinement that emerges from the need of this multi-disciplinary company in search of its identity and the historical moment in which it lives.
La Resistencia de Lxs Invisibles - La Resistencia Teatre

In a restaurant where no one can enter or leave, the waiters and waitresses perpetuate their practice so that time does not dilute. They seek to break free and every time they are about to achieve it they are attacked by the Maître who insists on maintaining an absurd order.

La Resistencia de lxs Invisibles - La Resistencia Teatre

Technical Sheet

Interpreters: Adriana Aguilar Santolaya, Xevi Cor, Camila Grigera, Endika Izquierdo, Iñaki Jovellar Mañas, Daniel Martínez García, Malu Morro, Marcos Vinodelfín
Nº Interpreters: 8
Genre: New dramaturgies
Duration: 85 minutes
Creation and Dramaturgy: The Resistance and Gabriel Rosas
Direction: Gabriel Rosas
Assistant director: Magdalena Bozzani
Production and distribution: The Resistance
Scenography and costumes: La Resistencia and Fabrice Mennel
Original Music: Marcos Vinodelfín
Photography: Josep Gayon
Video: Togme G. Basora
Lighting Design: Andrés Bley
Technical needs: 1 technician
Stage: 8X4 m
Spotlight equipment: (on request)
Sound: Piano
Audience: From 13 years.


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